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Why Motivation Is The Most Important Factor in Learning Spanish: The 3 Big Reasons You Should Do It

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This may seem strange, useless, silly, but … this is actually the most important factor in determining whether or not you're going to successfully learn Spanish and become fluent. Look, learning a new language is a difficult undertaking that requires a good deal of time and energy investment, it requires commitment and the willingness to chug along and study and practice even when you do not feel like it. You have to just keep going and not give up, even when it gets tough, and it will get tough, and guess what: if you do not really, really want this, then you're not going to make it. Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you should care, here are 3 awesome motivators you can use to make yourself want to devote your precious time and energy to learning this language.


My favorite … 🙂

The best way to learn a foreign language, ever, is to get a girlfriend / boyfriend who's a native speaker of it, and preferably who does NOT speak your native language. If you've got a cute little Mexican señorita you've started dating and are smitten with, just how much do you think you'll care about learning Spanish now? See what I mean? And this is especially so if she does not speak good English, and even if she does it's still about the easiest way to learn Spanish ever because now you really care about it (you want to be able to tell her you love her in her native tongue, right? you want to be able to talk dirty to her in bed in her own language, right?) plus you've got a native speaker you're hanging out with, maybe even living with, for a couple hours a day who likes you and is more than happy to help you learn their native language.

I'm not saying you should go out and date a native Spanish speaker just to learn Spanish, but if you're single and know some places where Spanish speakers tend to hang out (salsa bars are GREAT places to look! Can not dance ? there are tons of places to take salsa lessons and most of the teachers are Spanish speakers – hint, hint!) and then go there and socialize and maybe find a cute girl or hot guy that you like! You get a girlfriend or boyfriend and you get someone to teach you Spanish: two birds with one stone!


Everyone wants to travel, and I've found almost everyone who's interested in learning foreign languages ​​is either a hard-core traveler or wants to be. I'll tell you something right now: you can not really understand a country, its people, and their culture without being able to speak the language, period. You can not. I know expats who have lived in Thailand for 20 years, never learned the language, and are just plain oblivious to how things around them work because they live in their own little English-speaking bubble: English-speaking expat friends, friendly English-speaking shopkeepers who cater to them, taxi drivers who speak just enough English to get their business, English-language internet, etc. Do not be that person.

Learn the language, it'll give you amazing insight into the people who speak it and their culture, insight that you can not get any other way. Plus, unlike Western Europe where most people speak decent English, 99% of people in Latin America do NOT speak ANY English and if you do not speak Spanish you are totally screwed – you'll get ripped off on everything imaginable and people won 't be able to help you (no matter how much they may want to, because the people there really are fantastic, friendly, and very hospitable) because they can not understand them!


This may or may not apply to you, but odds are very good that it will: being able to speak another language opens up many, many doors to you in the business world, especially considering how international business is today, and Spanish is spoken by 329 MILLION people world-wide, many of what live in the US As a result of this many companies will pay employees a yearly bonus just for being able to speak Spanish, even if they do not use it on the job!

It's a massive impressive accomplishment to add to your resume, especially considering how few Americans actually speak a second language compared to Europeans – it's still a reliably rare thing here for an applicant to a company to be bilingual, so it counts for quite a bit .

Is there a market you can think of where you could sell your product that's made up of Spanish speakers? Can you think of any Spanish-speaking collections that you could collorate with? What about whole other companies in Spanish-speaking countries?


Come up with a good enough reason and you can do ANYTHING. Where there's a will there's a way, right? What's your reason?

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