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Industrial [Fashion Film]

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Designer: Kelvin Giovannie
Director: KIKI
Producer: Indie Films PR
Cinematographer: Kruz Rivera
Music: José Dávila
Make-Up: Shakira Rodriguez / Nidlla Mercado
Hairdresser: Pamela Delgado / MG Salon
Accessories/Shoes: Norma Maldonado / Fabolous Shoes
Accessories/Belts: Ruby Dávila
Dialogue/Writing: Anthony “PP” González
Voice Over: Shania Guadalupe
Photographer/BTS: Tofer Vélez / Viviana Tirado
Element Models:
Natalia Nicole
Carolina Ayala
Gina Herrera
Elena Torres
Optima Models:
Denalyn Cotto
Tanya Romero
Title Design: Frances Rivera
Catering: Jans Cuisine

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