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Art director

2017 La Casa de Papel (TV Series)
2016 Sputnik (Short)
2015 Abraham Mateo (Videoclip)
2014 Tanatopraxia (Short)
2014 Un millón (Short)
2013 El amor no es lo que era
2013 El regreso de Elías Urquijo
2011 La victoria de Úrsula (Short) (co-art director)


2017 Paella Today! (decorator)

Art department

2016 City Blossom Longchamp (Spot – Assistant art director)
2016 The promise (Film – Storeman)
2016 Un Monstruo viene a verme (Film-Assistant set dresser)
2016 Un corazón roto no es como un jarrón roto o un florero (Short – Assistant art director)
2015 La novia (Film – Property master)
2015 Segon origen (Film – Set dresser)
2015 Shakira Activia (Spot – Set dresser)
2014 [REC] 4: Apocalipsis (Film – Assistant set dresser)
2014 Bikini: Una historia real (Short – Property master)
2014 Penny Dreadful (Tv series – Set dresser)
2014 La Ropavejera (Short) (Construction coordinator / Property master)
2013 Panzer Chocolate (Assistant art director)

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